The beginning of an idea

We created BillButler because we wanted
to make managing bills easier for millions of people.

Each household receives between 6 – 8 regular
bills ranging from Energy, Broadband, Phone, Water, TV etc.
Most of us pay by direct debit because it’s convenient
but it’s not always easy to access bills and understand
how much we are actually spending on everything... we just pay it!

So we came up with an idea to centralise and de-mystify our bills...

Our Journey so far

Our Eureka moment came in February 2017.

We became frustrated and helpless when it came to understanding how much we spent on our household commitments and trying to find our bills. We've always been involved in the utilities market one way or another so decided to put some of our experience and knowledge to good use!

It's taken us a year to build our product and we have plenty more to do...

Our company values


We believe in 100% transparency because everyone deserves fair treatment. We have applied this to our dashboards so you can access all your major household bills and track your usage free of charge.


We will remind you when your bills require payment and help you to make payments through your e-wallet if you want to. We will remind you when fixed contracts such as Broadband and Energy are coming to an end, including your Car Tax and MOT expiry dates.


The aim of BillButler is to give users better visibility and more control over who they pay and how much they pay. Start getting a better understanding of your household suppliers and consumption immediately!


The security of your billing data is our highest priority. All of your data is secured using bank grade encryption methods. We monitor our servers and traffic 24/7 so you can use BillButler with peace of mind.

Our e-wallet is securely run by Paynetics, a licensed e-money issuer and a payment institution within the European Union. Paynetics is a principal member of VISA and Mastercard. If you have any questions related to this, please contact us via our chat platfom or email us at

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